We are Baby Uma

I started Baby Uma when our first child was 2 years old. I had literally bought anything and everything I’d seen that I thought could help with the stages of having a newborn – teething, playtime, meals, sleeping, going out together, and as I was so tired it was mostly bought online! He did eventually nail sleeping through at 3 years old btw.

The main thing I remember doing with my first son was always being out of the house come rain or shine, meeting friends, indulging in yet another slice of cake, endless food shopping and baby/toddler groups, we were always on the go! I’ve always been known in my family as a ‘what if’ girl, always prepared, so that meant I would always carry a spare everything for the kids and myself; clothes, muslins, hats, blankets, snacks – stepping out the door became like packing for a holiday! I needed more space on my buggy or an extra pair of hands…..and this is where the idea for our buggy clips came from.

Our buggy clips have become our best seller, I still use ours with our toddler and wonder how I coped for so long without these, I have found them to be essential as my baby wipes! I’ve given them to all my mummy friends who also pound the pavements whether they are on nursery run, school run or getting some shopping done, and they say they are a life saver!

My husband remembers only too well coming through the door and rolling his eyes at my multiple purchases, as bleary eyed we navigated our way through and slowly figured out what worked well for us and what didn’t. So we’ve come up with a range of items that are practical, non-fiddly, and are easy to use, day in day out, it’s that simple – and of course, we use all our products with our 2 boys. We hope you enjoy using them too!

Jo, mum to Oscar 7 years and Harry 3 years